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Eagle offers many helpful service parts if you are needing to replace individual crank components, refurbish used Eagle rods or replace single rods to complete your set.

Single Connecting Rods

Single rods are available if you damage one in your set. You will need to provide the weight of one of your good rods so we can match it as best we can and keep your set balanced with a minimal amount of work on your end. Weights can vary in each production run and since each set is weight-matched instead of ground on to match weights, different sets can have different weights. For more on how we weight-match our rod sets, visit our Tech help page on this topic. If you can provide the big end and small end weights seperately, please do so. If all you can do is total weight, we should be able to get fairly close, but it won't be perfect.

Replacement Rod Bolts

Eagle contracts ARP to manufacture bolts for use in Eagle rods. These are not "off-the-shelf" ARP bolts. The thread engagement area is different and tailored to suit Eagle rods specifically. If you use "off-the-shelf" ARP bolts, the proper clamping pressure distribution may not be achieved resulting in big end distortion under high load and could lead to bearing failure. Several grades of ARP bolts are available and are outlined below:

Replacement Rod Cap Alignment Sleeves

Rod cap alignment sleeves are precision-machined sleeves that fit around the bolt to properly align the cap on the rod beam. Have you ever noticed how the rod cap parting line virtually disappears when the rod bolts are torqued? This is due to precise cap positioning due to the alignment sleeves. Do not overlook these. If these are damaged, they should be replaced!

Replacement Pin Bushings

Eagle pin bushings are made from a silicon-bronze material similar to AMPCO 45. They hold oil very well to help with pin lubrication. They are sold with unfinished inside bore and unfinished length so a machine shop will need to perform the final boring and honing and trimming of length after they are rolled into place. Eagle recommends an interference fit of .001"-.0015" between the outside diameter of the bushing and the opening of the rod.

Special Pilot Bushings

Eagle provides several special pilot bushings for use in some Eagle cranks. This is due to either production variations from O.E.or due to the fact that O.E. had different cranks for standard and automatic (i.e. Chrysler small block).

Big Block Chevy Rear Seal Adapter

Eagle provides an adapter to allow the use of a 2 pice rear seal crank in a 1 piece rear seal block. This adapter goes in place of the rear seal and a regular 2 piece rear seal is used inside of the adapter. The adapter can be held in place with RTV silicone or a mechanical faster (provided) can be used if you prefer, but it is not necessary.

Replacement Reluctor Rings

For crankshafts with removable reluctor rings, Eagle offers replacement rings. For Chevrolet LS 24-tooth and 58 tooth (non LS9), Eagle uses O.E. reluctor rings. They must be heated and pressed into place. For Chevy LS9, Eagle manufactures our own reluctor ring which also must be pressed on. For Chrysler modern hemi, Eagle manufacturers our own reluctor rings and they are bolted into place.