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Jeep Straight 6 Rods, Cranks, and Assemblies!

Posted August 10th, 2023

Jeep straight 6 rods, cranks, and assemblies are here! Rods are Eagle's budget-friendly, forged 5140 steel I-Beam "SIR" rods. These rods feature 3/8" ARP 8740 capscrew bolts. ARP 2000 bolts are available as an option upon request. All are bushed for full-floating piston pins. Currently available for the 1987-2006 4.0L in 6.123" center-to-center length.

Eagle cranks are cast steel and feature .092" fillet radiuses for improved strength and rigidity over O.E. cranks, but can still be used with O.E. bearings (or equivalent). All are 4 counterweight design for light weight. Strokes available are 3.440" (stock 4.0L), 3.895" (stock 4.2L), and 4.060". All are designed for internal balance. Expect the bobweight to be 1000g out of the box (+/- 2%).

Eagle rotating assemblies include Eagle cast crankshaft, I-Beam rods, rod and main bearings from King, rings, and pistons from various manufacturers like DSS, Icon, and Keith Black. All assemblies are available balanced by Eagle or unbalanced if you would rather do it yourself! Can't decide what you need? Give us a call at 662-796-7373 and we can help you figure it out!