Expanded Ford FE kit lineup

Eagle is proud to announce we have expanded our Ford FE rotating assembly lineup! We have added two new kits using the 3.980" stroke cast crankshaft, 6.490" H-beam rods, and either -20cc or -7cc Mahle pistons. We have also added two kits using the 4.150" stroke cast crankshaft with 6.700" H-beam rods, and -26cc or -7cc Mahle pistons. All of these kits are available in 4.080" bore size. So now you can build a 434 out of that old 390. the 3.980" stroke kits are also available in 4.160" bore size. The new FE kits are:

p/n                     stroke                     piston                    bore sizes                       retail price

15706                  3.980"                  -20cc Mahle              4.080", 4.160"                        $1843.75

15708                  3.980"                  -7cc Mahle                4.080", 4.160"                        $1843.75

15710                  4.150"                  -26cc Mahle              4.080"                                    $1843.75

15712                  4.150"                  -7cc Mahle                4.080"                                    $1743.75


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